18 Inch Doll- Aviva™ Fashionista Extraordinaire - The Story of Our 18-Inch Dol


Product Description

Introducing Aviva, a captivating addition to our Kennedy and Friends Collection. Aziza is a vision of beauty, standing at an elegant 18 inches tall with a full vinyl body that exudes quality and durability. Her long, curly blonde hair cascades in a cascade of golden waves, framing her lovely face adorned with beautiful blue eyes that captivate the imagination.

Crafted with precision and care, Aviva's vinyl body is handmade in Spain, ensuring a level of craftsmanship that speaks to the rich tradition of European doll-making. The Italian rooted hair adds a touch of sophistication, embodying the essence of timeless elegance in every strand.

Aviva's eyes are stationary, providing a gaze that is both enchanting and enduring. The hand-detailing on her vinyl, including delicate blushing, imparts a realistic and lifelike quality to our dolls. Each doll is a unique masterpiece, showcasing the artistry and dedication that go into creating these exquisite companions.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond craftsmanship. Aviva is proudly part of our Kennedy and Friends Collection, made in the European Union and dressed and assembled with care in the United States. This harmonious blend of European artistry and American assembly ensures a doll that embodies the best of both worlds.

For added convenience, each  Aviva doll is delivered in her own vinyl carrying case, providing a stylish and protective home for your cherished companion. Whether you're a collector seeking a timeless addition to your doll ensemble or a child yearning for a playmate of unmatched quality,  Aviva is ready to weave her magic into your world.

Experience the enchantment of Aviva – where European craftsmanship meets American elegance in the Kennedy and Friends Collection. Embrace the joy of owning a doll that is not just a plaything but a cherished work of art, inviting you into a realm of imagination and endless possibilities.