Autumn Rae®

Introducing Autumn Rae, the exquisite 18 inch doll by Kennedy and Friends. With her stunning red hair styled in an elegant bun and her captivating greyish blue eyes, Autumn Rae is a true standout among 18 inch dolls. Her hand-painted details add a unique touch of realism, making her a cherished addition to any doll collection.

Autumn Rae’s lifelike features are complemented by her sophisticated outfit, designed with meticulous attention to detail. Her ensemble reflects her graceful and timeless beauty, perfect for any occasion from a formal event to an imaginative play scenario. Crafted with high-quality materials, Autumn Rae is built to withstand countless hours of play while maintaining her pristine condition.

As with all Kennedy and Friends dolls, Autumn Rae meets the highest safety standards, ensuring that she is not only beautiful but also safe for children of all ages. Her durable craftsmanship ensures that she will be a beloved companion for years to come.

Add Autumn Rae to your 18 inch doll collection and experience the elegance and charm she brings to every playtime. Her striking appearance and detailed craftsmanship make her a favorite among collectors and children alike.

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