Introducing Rosalie, the first Hispanic 18 inch doll by Kennedy and Friends. Rosalie enchants with her long straight brown hair and expressive brown eyes, making her a distinguished addition to any 18 inch doll collection. She arrives dressed in a charming pink sweater dress with a matching hat and boots, ready for any occasion with style and grace.

As a representation of cultural diversity, Rosalie’s lifelike features and fashionable outfit make her a favorite for imaginative play. Her long straight brown hair can be styled in various ways, adding to the fun and creativity of every playtime. The detailed design of her pink sweater dress, along with her coordinating hat and boots, reflects the high-quality craftsmanship Kennedy and Friends is known for.

Crafted from durable materials, Rosalie is designed to withstand countless hours of play while maintaining her pristine condition. As with all Kennedy and Friends dolls, Rosalie meets the highest safety standards, ensuring she is safe for children of all ages.

Add Rosalie to your 18 inch doll collection and let her bring joy, style, and endless possibilities to every playtime. Her realistic features and beautiful outfit make her a cherished addition for both collectors and children.

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