Introducing Capri, the exquisite 18 inch doll by Kennedy and Friends, crafted with our new Kennedy Be Still Mold. Capri features long rooted blonde hair and captivating blue eyes, creating a serene and lifelike appearance. Her subtle expression adds a unique touch of realism, making her a standout among 18 inch dolls.

Capri’s elegant design and high-quality craftsmanship ensure she is not only beautiful but also durable, perfect for countless hours of imaginative play. Her long blonde hair can be styled in various ways, adding versatility and fun to every playtime. Capri’s lifelike features, combined with the innovative Kennedy Be Still Mold, make her an exceptional addition to any doll collection.

As with all Kennedy and Friends dolls, Capri meets the highest safety standards, ensuring she is safe for children of all ages. Her timeless beauty and serene expression bring a sense of calm and wonder to every adventure.

Add Capri to your 18 inch doll collection and let her grace your imaginative play scenarios with elegance and tranquility. Her realistic features and exquisite design make her a favorite among collectors and children alike.

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