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Fun loving energetic little boy doll. 

He loves playing in puddles with his favorite little frog. 

He can be customized and dressed in different themes for you. 

He is shown here with a Froggy Raincoat, Striped Polo Shirt , Blue Shorts and Rainboots.

Brandon has brown hair and brown eyes.

His eyes are stationary.

Our dolls are all body vinyl. Meaning you can wipe them clean after playing. 

Having an all-vinyl body doll allows for our dolls to wear swimsuits and shoulder strap outfits without the unsightly fabric like most dolls. 

Each doll is handpainted with detailed knees and arms. 

Brandon's head also tilts to allow for fun posing. 

Vinyl used in his torso is softer than the vinyl used in his arms and legs, giving him such a realistic look.

Our Dolls do not arrive in a window box.

We ship them in a brown unmarked cardboard box.






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    Adorable! Looks like my Grandson!

    Posted by Linda Kelemen on 15th Aug 2021

    The Kennedy and Friends dolls are made of excellent quality vinyl and have great mobility in the neck to pose realistically. The hair is soft and brushable, nice and thick. The faces on these dolls are beautiful. The eyes are sparkly and lively and the lashes are realistic. Love the gentle coloring on lips and cheeks. Clothing is well made and fits perfectly. I am very happy with these dolls and will be getting more of them.

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    Posted by Linda Kelemen on 6th Aug 2021

    Cute boy dolls are hard to find, but this one is perfect!! Gorgeous face, nice quality hair and eyes, quality vinyl and adorable clothing. Super cute dolls and a great alternative to other boy dolls available. I love these new dolls. I have three now and will be wanting them all!

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