12 Pink and 12 Purple Hangers for 18 Inch Doll Clothes - Keep Your Doll's Wardrobe Organized and Stylish


Product Description

Add some color to your child's doll clothing collection with these 12 pink and 12 purple hangers, specially designed to fit 18 inch doll clothes. These hangers are the perfect size for doll clothes and accessories, and the vibrant pink and purple colors will make it easy to keep their doll's wardrobe organized and stylish. The hangers are made of durable plastic and have a smooth, polished finish that will not snag or damage the doll's clothes. The hangers are lightweight and easy to handle, making it easy for your child to hang and remove their doll's clothes. These hangers will help your child take care of their doll's wardrobe and will bring a touch of color to their doll's room.