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Introducing Our Little Siblings™ Aiyisha doll, a stunning addition to our collection! Measuring at 10 inches, Aiyisha is the perfect size for collectors of all ages and will fit perfectly in our 10" doll clothes.

Aiyisha's all-body soft vinyl material ensures that she is soft to the touch, while the hand-painted details add to her unique charm. With gorgeous blue eyes that are sure to captivate anyone who gazes into them, Aiyisha is a standout in any collection. Her wavy to curly hair is tied up in a centered bun, adding to her sophisticated and stylish appearance.

This beautiful African American doll is a great choice for collectors who appreciate unique and diverse dolls. With her captivating blue eyes and hand-painted details, Aiyisha is sure to become a beloved addition to any collection. Don't miss out on the opportunity to welcome Aiyisha into your collection and add a touch of beauty and diversity to your display today!

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