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Product Description

Emmeline™ is a 10-inch mini fashion girl doll that is designed to inspire children's imagination and creativity. Suitable for children aged 3 years and above, Emmeline™ has an all-vinyl body that makes her sturdy and durable for playtime adventures.

Emmeline™ features stationary eyes and rooted hair in a stylish design, and her face is carefully hand-painted to bring out her unique personality. Her fashion-forward outfit is made with attention to detail, featuring trendy designs and colors that reflect the latest fashion trends. Whether she's attending a party or having a fun day out, Emmeline™ is always dressed to impress.

This mini fashion girl doll is perfect for imaginative play and encourages children to develop their own unique sense of style. Through play, Emmeline™ can help children to build their social skills and express themselves creatively. With her charming personality and captivating appearance, Emmeline™ is sure to become a beloved playmate for children everywhere.

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