Evia®: A Stunning 14 inch Poseable Doll from the Evia's World Collection

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Product Description

Introducing Evia from Evia's World – a delightful companion for children aged 5-8! Evia stands at a perfect 14.5 inches, crafted entirely from high-quality vinyl to make playtime extra special.

Evia's enchanting green eyes sparkle with joy, complementing her long, sandy blonde hair that is as soft as a cloud. You'll love running your fingers through her super silky locks, and the best part? They're ready for any hairstyle your imagination dreams up!

This special friend is a true global citizen, being made in Spain with the finest Italian hair. Imagine the adventures you can share with Evia as you explore the world together!

Evia is a fashionista too – she loves dressing up! With her 14-14.5 inch size, finding the perfect outfits for her is a breeze. Get ready to embark on endless adventures with Evia, your new best friend from Evia's World!