Faith: The All-American Beauty 18-Inch Doll with Tilt and Pose™ Technology

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Product Description

Introducing Faith, our enchanting 18-inch doll that embodies the true essence of the all-American beauty. With her rich brown hair cascading in gentle waves and captivating blue eyes that sparkle with personality, Faith is a timeless companion for every child's imagination.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Faith boasts an all-vinyl poseable body, allowing for a myriad of delightful poses and imaginative play scenarios. Her flexibility and durability make her the perfect playmate for adventures big and small.

Faith showcases the innovative Tilt and Pose™ head feature, offering an unparalleled range of motion for her head. This unique design allows for expressive and lifelike movements, enhancing the interactive experience and sparking creativity in every play session.

Whether she's joining tea parties, embarking on exciting journeys, or simply sharing quiet moments with your little one, Faith is more than a doll – she's a cherished friend. Bring home the magic of playtime with Faith, the 18-inch doll that captures the heart of the all-American spirit.


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    Sweet and beautiful!

    Posted by Vicki on 8th Apr 2024

    I fell in love with Faith’s sweet face and then her beautiful hair. Love the cute outfit and little earrings. Just love her!