Giada Gianlucca: A Doll Inspired by the Legacy of Italian Immigration to America

June 1, 2023

Product Description


Meet Giada Gianlucca, a beautiful and adventurous doll with a unique story to tell. Giada is the granddaughter of Italian immigrants who settled in New York, and grew up in the vibrant and bustling neighborhood of Arthur Avenue. She spent many of her childhood days exploring the streets, taking in the sights and sounds, and enjoying the delicious aromas of her favorite bakery, Cisco's bakery.

Giada's grandfather, Saviour, made the journey from Italy to the United States on the famous ship, the Dante Alighieri, and arrived at Ellis Island with nothing but his dreams and the clothes on his back. He worked hard to build a new life for himself and his family, and passed on his love for his heritage and culture to Giada and her siblings.

As Giada grew up, she learned about the rich history of Italian immigration to the United States, and the challenges that her grandparents and many others faced in starting a new life in a new country. She is proud of her family's heritage and the sacrifices they made, and loves sharing their stories with others.

Giada's favorite place in the world is Cisco's bakery, where she loves to indulge in the delicious pastries and treats that remind her of her Italian roots. With her warm and friendly personality, Giada is a wonderful companion for anyone who loves learning about different cultures and the joys of delicious food. Join Giada on her journey as she celebrates her family's legacy and the vibrant community of Arthur Avenue.