Meet Brooke: The 18-Inch Doll with a Passion for Blue

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Introducing Brooke, a delightful 18-inch doll crafted from our Kennedy Smiles Mold. Made entirely of high-quality vinyl composition, Brooke features a tilt-and-pose head, allowing for endless imaginative play and display possibilities. With her enchanting blue eyes and straight brown rooted hair, she captures hearts with every glance.

Brooke's love for the color blue shines through in every aspect of her life. From her stylish blue outfit to her favorite blue backpack and cozy blue quilt, Brooke’s world is a celebration of her favorite hue. Whether she's heading out on an adventure or snuggling up for storytime, Brooke’s passion for blue is always on display.

Experience the joy of playtime with Brooke, the doll who embodies the perfect blend of elegance and fun, all while showcasing her love for the color blue. Perfect for any doll collection, Brooke is sure to become a beloved companion and a cherished friend.